Eco Tour Daytrips to
Islands Surrounding St Martin

When you’ve been on one or more of Seagrape Tours’ Eco Tours and you enjoyed discovering St Martin’s nature, we surely recommend you hop over to one or more of the islands surrounding us to learn what unique treats their nature has to offer. You might never get this close to these little gems again, so make sure you don’t get stuck on St Martin’s sandy beaches.

When vacationing on Sint Maarten and Saint Martin it’s very easy to visit neighbouring Anguilla, St Eustatius and Saba by airplane and some by ferry too. All islands can be visited during a daytrip, but staying over one or more nights will really give you a feel of the island and the opportunity to do the cooler early morning tours. They all have their own ‘couleur locale’ and specifics when it comes to nature.

Part of French St Martin’s nature reserve is uninhabited island Tintamarre, a very easy visit from the mainland and included in the itinerary of many snorkel tours offered on St Martin.

Below info on the nature tour options for each of the islands surrounding St Martin. We are happy to suggest an itinerary and help you book your Eco Tours to: