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Join our awarded and off-the-beaten track
ECO and Cultural Tours.

Travel through our History, Soak up our Culture,  Enjoy our Street Art, See our Birds, Explore our Nature, Embrace our Beauty, Experience our Heritage, Discover our Historical Monuments, Meet our Artists, Taste St.Martin!

Discover our multicultural island. Enjoy the wide variety of flavors of St. Martin’s Dutch, French and Creole heritage. Experience St.Martin to the fullest while learning lots too.

Small Group Tours
Maximum of 6 guests per mixed tour in our
9-seater Van, or pick a Private Group Tour.

Private Tours / Private Group Tours
For a private tour / private group tour check out our Private Tour section or send us a message.

Large Group  and Customized Tours
For Large Group and Customized Tours send us a message. We will set-up a large group and/or customized tour together with you!

Educational Group Tours
For educational tours send us a message. We will set-up a customized educational tour together with you!

Special Needs Tours
Individuals in need of assistance exploring our beautiful island are welcome to tour with Seagrape Tours.  This includes individuals with hearing impairments, visual impairments, mobility challenges, developmental disabilities, the elderly, individuals with a mental health condition, and others.  We are in the process of  looking into the possibilities to accommodate travelers who use wheelchairs.
Upon making your reservation please let us know whether there are any specific requests so we can coordinate together with you to ensure an optimal experience.

Culinary Foodie Tour:
A Tasty Journey

Want to  discover our multi-cultural island with your taste buds?
Enjoy the wide variety of flavors of St Martin’s Dutch, French, and Creole heritage during our Culinary Foodie Tour.

History Tour:
Travel Through our Past, Present and Future

How did the French and Dutch end up living on the same small island?
Discover St Martin’s historical sites, follow the footsteps of its former inhabitants during our informative History Tour.

Two-Nation Historical Cheese Tasting Tour: Explore our History & Our Cheeses

St Martin has the remains of three forts of which two can be visited. Each fort offers a great view of one of the two capitals our small island is rich and forms a lovely background for the history of St Martin.
Explore our two-nation island’s history and it’s cheeses on our Two-Nation Historical Cheese Tasting Tour.

Cultural Heritage Tour:
Sense our Soul

St Maarten – St Martin has a unique and fascinating cultural heritage, our local identity. The history of our people is embedded in the stories of our ancestors, the music and dance of our souls, the food and the remedies of our soil, and the occupation of our hands. One Island, One People! Join us on our Cultural Heritage Tour.

Art Tour:
Meet our Artists

St Martin’s art scene is alive and kicking. The island has been an inspiration to artists near and far for centuries.
Admire contemporary and colourful art at the gallery, studio or home of several artists during our enlightening Art Tour.

Museum Beach Lunch Tour:
Discover our islands history, flora & fauna

Are you curious? Feel like exploring? Learn about every aspect of the history, culture and natural environment of the island St. Martin  and its surroundings. Come and explore St Martin’s museums during our Museum Beach Lunch Tour. Great for kids too.

Birding / Birdwatching Tour:
See our Birds

Want to see St Martin’s wide variety of birds? Spot birds that can only be found in (our part of) the Caribbean, see migrating shore birds, water birds, and sea birds? Do you have specifics birds you would like to see? Join us on our Birding / Birdwatching Tour.

Philipsburg Mural Art & Sunset Tour:
Explore our Street Art

Explore our vibrant and colorful Street Art Scene, learn about our History and our Culture. while strolling through the Capital of Dutch St. Martin. Each Mural is unique and has a story to tell. Join us on our Philipsburg Mural Art & Sunset Tour on Friday or Sunday.

Coastal Nature Hike & Swim Tour:
Admire our Coastal Beauty

Enjoy the rugged beauty of coastal St Martin, scenic views from the highest point on the island and enjoy the secluded beach of Happy Bay. Come and enjoy St Martin’s coastal beauty during our active Coastal Nature Hike & Swim Tour (easy hikes) Great for kids too.

Nature Hike Secret Beach Tour:
Discover our Beauty

Active tour to see all St Martin’s nature has to offer if you like hiking, peace and quiet. Enjoying the bay of Petites Cayes is much different than the hustle & bustle of other beaches. Join us on our (challenging hike) Nature Hike Secret Beach Tour 

Snack Truck  Street  Foodie Tour:
Travel Through Tasty Bites

Currently in Development! 

Architectural Tour:
Explore our Island’s Historical  Monuments

Currently in Development! 

Seagrape Tours Homemade Refreshment 

Just read our reviews on TripAdvisor to learn that our homegrown Lemongrass Iced Tea is delicious!

We serve this treat during snack break.

Seagrape Tours Homemade Snack

Just read our reviews on TripAdvisor to learn that our homemade Banana Bread is delicious!

We serve this treat during snack break.

French and Dutch Side

During each tour we’ll see both Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint Martin, and most tours are completely around the island. During the Birding Tour we usually stay on the East side of both nations. All our tours offer stunning views of our beautiful and little two nation Caribbean island.

Visit Other Islands and Explore More!

Seen all the St Martin sites with us. You can easily hop over to Saba, St. Eustatius or Anguilla for their unique nature, culture, and history!

Sustainable Tourism

Seagrape Tours is an advocate of sustainable tourism.

By showing and telling others about St Maarten/ St Martin’s fragile natural beauty in a responsible way, we’re hoping to create more awareness for conservation.

Seagrape Tours donates $1 per guest to local conservation organizations in support of their educational programs, lobby for more reserves, and maintenance of current trails, boardwalks and parks.

Check out our Conservation section to find out about our 6 donations so far.


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What a wonderful way to see the birds and as a benefit hear some of the history of the island. Binkie is a great guide and took us to places that we would not have found on our own, he knew where to go to see the birds. We saw 30 different types of birds and a few that were rare sightings at the time we were there. I would highly encourage all birders to take this tour! 

Birder from South Dakota

Our guide made the tour a great experience for everyone! We all like getting off of the beaten path and not just hitting the “tourist” sites. Truly worth every minute !!! 

Family Group of 9, ages 1 to 79 years old

Having visited St Maarten several times, we wanted an interesting mellow land-based experience, and chose the History Tour: excellent choice. We enjoyed a non-commercial day away from the crowds, learning about the island and checking out places we never would have found on our own. We highly recommend this ‘road less traveled’ quality-driven experience. 

Family from New York

David Botha

Lots of Joy  

We, Nascha Kagie and Werner van de Zilver, met David Botha and Ilja Botha while enjoying quality time with friends on our beautiful island of St.Martin. We discovered a mutual love for all that is St.Martin.
When the time came that Ilja and David decided to go on new adventures, the choice to continue Seagrape Tours as the quality eco tour company it is, was made with lots of joy and love. As per January 2021 Seagrape Tours has changed ownership from Ilja and David to Nascha and Werner.

We are both born in the Netherlands. Nascha has lived and went to school on St Maarten as a young child. As a teen and young adult she lived, went to school and started working in the Netherlands. Werner lived, went to school and started working in the Netherlands. Being together since 1997, we  went on an adventure journey through the Caribbean for several months in 2003 after which we decided to settle on Aruba. We lived on Aruba for 8 years before deciding to go back home, to the Friendly Island of St Martin. We  returned home to our beautiful island in 2011. 

Our passion is for the beauty of all which our beautiful St Maarten / St Martin had, has and will have. Our passion is for our island, culture and people. By showing and telling others about St Maarten / St Martin’s fragile natural beauty in a responsible way, We are hoping to create more awareness for conservation. 

David Botha



David and Ilja have met while volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel many moons ago. In 2008 they changed their steady lives in The Netherlands by quitting their jobs and traveling around the world for a year.

In 2009 they decided to settle in one of their favorite countries: The Friendly Island of St Maarten. Since then their two lovely daughters were born – Zimri and Zenzi – and most recently in 2014, their own eco tour company Seagrape Tours saw light.

In 2021 they decided to take on a new challenge in the Netherlands.

My family and I had the pleasure of taking this tour at the beginning of our trip to St. Martin. We always enjoy learning a bit of the history of the places we visit. Nascha was an excellent teacher – clearly knowledgeable and passionate about St. Maarten and its people. This is a “must do” if you want to learn a bit about this wonderful island nation. 

Family Group of 4 from Pennsylvania

The students and staff really enjoyed themselves and we really appreciate the work that you all did! Thank you for everything!!! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of your kindness and understanding (customized educational agricultural, nature and hiking tour).

A+ World Academy, international boarding school aboard the tallship Sørlandet, Group of 60 students

The difference in all the various tours is the sincerity of the guide and the small details. We have taken many tours in our travels and this tour was certainly one of our most enjoyable. 

Visitor from Vancouver

Our tour guide Nascha took me, my sister and my 10 year old daughter on a great trip to visit different gallery’s and local artists on the island. She took all the time to let us ask questions and listen to the stories of the artists and let us experience a great variety of work. So thank you Nascha for this great tour. We could not leave without purchasing some art to keep the memory of this day even more alive. 

Family Group of 3 from the Netherlands

Seagrape Tours Cancellation Policy

 – The 20% deposit is refundable till 7 days prior to the tour date
– Cancel less than 48 hours prior to tour date:
50% of trip rate will be charged

– Cancel less than 24 hours or ‘no show’:
100% of trip rate will be charged
-We’ll refund 85% of the paid tour fee when:
Your cruise ship changes its route or arrives late or on another day.
-We’ll refund 100% of the paid tour fee when:
A tour is cancelled by Seagrape Tours due to extreme weather conditions for example