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Seagrape Tours offers off the beaten track Nature Tours and informative History Tours of St Maarten/ St Martin. We also have a Birdwatching Tour which celebrates the more than 100 species of birds found on our 37 square mile island. Most recently we’ve started showcasing St Martin’s best and most colourful artists during our St Martin Art Tour.

All our tours are small scale – maximum 6 guests per tour – and we aim to avoid the crowds. The spots we visit are the exact same sites we show our visiting friends and family. No tourist traps!

During each tour we’ll see both Dutch and French St Maarten/ St Martin. All our tours offer stunning views of our beautiful and little two nation Caribbean island and are guided by local guides David and Ilja.

St Martin History Tour
St Martin Nature Tour
Birdwatching St Martin
St Martin Art Tour

We are so glad that Ilja and her husband created this History Tour and filled a major gap in St. Martin’s tour industry. The quality was outstanding and we look forward to taking the other tours Seagrape offers when we return.

Timeshare visitor from Atlanta, Georgia

The difference in all the various tours is the sincerity of the guide and the small details. We have taken many tours in our travels and this tour was certainly one of our most enjoyable.


Visitor from Vancouver, Canada

TFC Sustainable TourismSustainable Tourism

Seagrape Tours is an advocate of sustainable tourism.

By showing and telling others about St Maarten/ St Martin’s fragile natural beauty in a responsible way, we’re hoping to create more awareness for conservation.

Seagrape Tours donates $2 per guest to local conservation organizations in support of their educational programs, lobby for more reserves, and maintenance of current trails, boardwalks and parks.

Check out our Conservation section to find out about our 6 donations so far.

Ilja made the tour a great experience for everyone! We all like getting off of the beaten path and not just hitting the “tourist” sites. Truly worth every minute!!!


Family Group of 9, ages 1 to 79 years old

What a wonderful tour we had. Our guide Ilja took us around the entire island pointing out significant historical locations and sharing in many cases personal stories that deepened our understanding of what we were seeing.

Professor of History, North Carolina, USA

The birdwatching with Ilja was wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable and has a keen eye for the birds. I highly recommend her tour to any birder, starter or twitcher.


Birder from Texas

About Us

David Botha

David Botha

Your History Tour and Nature Tour guide was born in South Africa where he grew up with nature all around him and where he learned about the importance of the conservation of wildlife. David has had lots of outdoor jobs all over the world, spending the years on St Maarten/ St Martin as a dive guide showing divers the stunning beauty of our marine life. Being an all round nature lover and a history buff he now takes pleasure in guiding visitors around the island he calls home. David speaks English and Dutch and if you’re into it he’ll switch over to Afrikaans.

Ilja Botha

Ilja Botha

Ilja is our bird expert, she was born in The Netherlands and inherited a love of nature from her parents. Her mom enjoyed pointing out and naming every plant and bird they came across, leaving her with a great interest in the natural world and the urge to preserve it. Ilja has worked in sales and marketing and has quit her ‘normal job’ as a shop manager in March 2016 to be able to fully focus on Seagrape Tours. Since then she’s been busy with all facets of Seagrape Tours and loves taking you out on a Birdwatching Tour, a Nature Tour or a History Tour. Ilja speaks and writes Dutch, English and French and she’ll chat in German and give Spanish a go if needed.


David and Ilja have met while volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel many moons ago. In 2008 they changed their steady lives in The Netherlands by quitting their jobs and traveling around the world for a year. In 2009 they decided to settle in one of their favorite countries: The Friendly Island of St Maarten. Since then their two lovely daughters were born – Zimri and Zenzi – and most recently in 2014, their own eco tour company Seagrape Tours saw light.


For such a small island – you can drive around it in an hour on a quiet day – St Martin offers a wide variety of habitats. Each habitat has its own unique flora and fauna life and during our full day trips we visit them all.


St Maarten mainly consists of hills and mountains. The lower hills are covered in lower shrubs including cacti and small trees. Our highest peak, Pic Paradis, …



Our wetlands are made up by salt and fresh ponds which are often fringed with mangroves and some of them have mud flats. Besides a lot of ponds, St Martin has the biggest lagoon…


Shore and Ocean

St Martin has a few rocky shores and lots of soft sandy beaches, one of the reasons why our island is a favorite holiday destination. The beaches are home to…


Concrete Jungle...

St Martin is a densely populated island; we have 900 inhabitants per square kilometer. Our urban areas are the home to birds like the…


Nature in St. Martin

St Maarten/ St Martin is a tropical island with beautiful landscapes, great vistas and wonderful wildlife. Wetlands, the coast and the ocean hold most of the species found on this Caribbean island.

Natural History

Long before humans came to St Martin animals were already occupying our island…



For such a small island – you can drive around it in an hour on a quiet day…


Wildlife To Spot

The different habitats on St Martin boast many species of flora and fauna.



Both the Dutch and the French side have their own nature conservation organization.